We Love Volkswagens!

At Phoenix Engineering, we are passionate about servicing and repairing Volkswagens including the classic Vanagons, the Beetles, the new Golfs, Jettas and Caravelles. Suitably located in Brisbane, we have been into the business of repairing Volkswagens for more than 30+ years. Every Volkswagen has a unique and impressive history of its own. Popularly termed as the “People’s car”, Volkswagen saw a massive response for its very first car called Beetle. As a car for the average-income earners; the Beetle has over 21 million cars produced till date. Then, there is Porsche 914 which was manufactured using Porsche frame but was still equipped with a Volkswagen engine.

Phoenix Engineering aims to become the #1 car service & repair company in Brisbane. Our professionally qualified and trained mechanics can conveniently look after the maintenance and repair needs of all Volkswagen vehicles. We are also experts in servicing Volkswagen’s Type 2 Transporter vehicles including the current favourite Volkswagen T5 and the Vintage T1. With Phoenix Engineering, you can rest assured about receiving honest services at the most affordable prices. Whether it’s about the repairs, modifications or an advice on the after-market parts; Phoenix serves as your most trusted consultant. For every vehicle that reaches us for repairs, we ensure to maximize its performance by minimizing the chances for any technical glitches in the future. According to a recent Autoviva survey, the top 3 out of a list of ten longest-running cars are Volkswagens. In-line with this statistic; we look forward to preserve the tradition of Volkswagens by giving your vehicle the long road life that it deserves. As a leading Volkswagen service centre in Brisbane, we request you to visit us in case you require repairs, servicing or customization of your Volkswagen.

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